Restaurant Concept, Branding, Web & Graphic Designer

George's Cafe

It was a pleasure for me to conceptualise and create an immersive brand identity for a new restaurant set within the iconic Castelo de São Jorge in Lisbon. Drawing inspiration from the mythical tale of Saint George and the Dragon, I brought to life a distinctive brand that seamlessly blends history, myth, and contemporary Porteguese café culture. Every element - from a logo design subtly incorporating features of the castle, to the carefully crafted menu and merchandise, was designed with the intention of invoking a sense of history and playfulness, ultimately providing a captivating and memorable customer experience. I suggested the use of internal projection mapping to feature a fire-breathing dragon which would occasionally fly across the ceiling, injecting an element of playful surprise into the historical setting and serving as an instagram worthy moment





Art Direction

Graphic Design

Web Design

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