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Driven by a deep desire to understand the diverse spectrum of personalities, cultures, communities, and environments across the globe, my professional journey over the past 12 years has been fueled by the power of storytelling and design. This has taken me around the world, immersing myself in a broad range of cultures, enhancing my creative imagination, and broadening my perspective through my personal study of psychology, sociology, history, politics, science, storytelling, design and economics. With a background in musical theatre, I have since developed a broad set of skills in graphic and web design, creative direction, and production across event, theatre, and film. My career, spanning stages and screens, has been focused on conceiving, understanding and delivering a creative brief. At the heart of my work lies a strong passion to produce captivating narratives and create immersive, engaging experiences that resonate with audiences, inspire learning, and foster positive social change.

my skills


Adobe: Illustrator, Indesign, Lightroom, Photoshop, Premier Pro

Microsoft: PP, Word, Excel

Apple: Numbers, Keynote, Pages, Final Cut Pro 

Webflow, Asana, Smartsuite, Airtable, Xero

Benchpress: 90kg


Happy clients world wide

Great projects and satisfied clients are always the main objective to me.